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Next Up

Minx - Episodic 
Now Streaming on Starz
Season 2 Episode 6 "This is Our Zig"
Playing: President Simpson

Robots - Feature Film
Now Streaming on Prime Video (rent or purchase)
Playing: Ted Cameron

911 Lone Star - Episodic - FOX
Now Streaming on Hulu, Fox, and Apple+
Season 4 episode 12 "Swipe Left"
Playing: Rev. Tom

Quantum Leap - Episodic - NBC
Coming 2023
Playing: Russel Hunt

A Lot of Nothing - Feature Film
Now Streaming on Prime Video, iTunes,
and Vudu (rental)
Playing: Senior Partner Johnson

End of Sentence - Feature Film 
Now Streaming on Prime Video, Peacock, 
Apple+ and Vudu
Playing: Mr. Modine
Magnum PI - Episodic - CBS
Now Streaming on Prime Video, Apple+, 
and Vudu (rental)
Episode: 217 "The Night Has Eyes"
Playing: James Hutton

Currently Streaming on Hulu "Chance"
    An Infant, a Brute or a Wild Beast
Currently Streaming on the CW Website "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"
          Josh is Irrelevant  and  Nathaniel Needs My Help!
Currently Streaming on Amazon Prime
"The Last Tycoon"  Oscar, Oscar, Oscar
Currently Streaming VOD Amazon Prime and You Tube -                                       "End of Sentence"
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